You got Star Wars in my Starbound

Welcome to the home of what started as a simple vanity mod and we hope will grow into something much larger!

With a current roster of 20+ pieces of vanity armor, some of the planned additions already in the works:

  • Many more armor sets
  • Speeder Bikes & Jetpacks – DONE!
  • Furniture and Decorative Items
  • Eventual Merge with the Star Wars Weapons mod by srecinto

A note on attributes, recipes, and effects

Currently this is a vanity mod only. Each item costs one pixel to craft and there are no restrictions with regard to crafting stations etc.

We realize that many players would like to see a more fully fleshed out experience with relevant recipes, effects, tiers, quests, and environments. Our hope is to incorporate all of these elements over time, but the combination of a small dev team and balance/generation changes forthcoming in the beta has our focus on adding assets for now, and implementing effects, attributes, etc. over time leading up to the proper release of Starbound.

Current Roster


Screenshot Gallery

Star Wars Armor Mod

Beta Release 0.5.4b (2/1/14) – Starbound Beta v. Furious Koala

Recent Changes

Pre 0.4b Changelogs

0.4b – Furious Koala Compatibility Update – 1/25/14


  • Now Compatible with Furious Koala

Fingers crossed that this means no more wipes!

  • Star Wars Workbench

Unified crafting station for all content in the Star Wars Gear Mod moving forward.

  • Tabula Rasa Support

Support for the Tabula Rasa unified crafting bench.


  • Minor Change to Chewbacca Sprite, more coming shortly.
  • Minor Update to Snowtrooper Sprite.
  • Major file hierarchy and name convention changes to clean up some badly organized early items.


  • Twi’Lek Race removed temporarily until both the Twi’lek mod and Extended Character Creation mod are updated for Furious Koala.

0.3.1b – Two New Armor Sets – 1/25/14


  • Chewbacca Costume
  • Snowtrooper Armor Set

0.3b – The First Race Addition – 1/24/14

Added new playable race: Twi’Lek

The first race addition in its early stages. More skin/lekku colors to come, as well as more lekku styles. Includes starter Vibroblade.

Note: Requires the Simple Extended Character Creation Mod

Installation Instructions

The Star Wars race mods exist independent of the gear mod. Once you have installed the Simple Extended Character Creation mod, simply extract the downloaded zip and browse to the “races” folder and simply copy the folders of the races you desire to add to your Mods directory.

Installation of the Star Wars Gear Mod remains the same.

Other Changes:

  • Added Sandtrooper Chestpiece

0.2.5b – Add Imperial Officer Armor (Gray and Black) – 1/21/14

0.2.4b – Add Zam Wessel Armor, Updated Princess Leia Armor – 1/21/14

0.2.3b – Republic Commando, Force Crush, Sprite Polish – 1/19/14


  • Republic Commando Armor Set
  • “Force Crush” item (MetalworkStation, Weapons Cat) [Functions the same as the Matter Manipulator – just more Forcier!]


Adjusted the helmet position of the entire line of trooper sprites including:

  • Scout Trooper
  • Storm Trooper
  • Captain Rex
  • Commander Cody

0.2.2b – Three New Armor Sets, Updated Mandalore/Stormtrooper – 1/18/14


  • Slave Leia
  • Commander Cody
  • Captain Rex


  • Mandalore (Chest)
  • Stormtrooper (Minor)


  • Removed some file bloat (unneeded frames files)

0.2.1b – Two new sprites, force lightning added – 1/16/14

  • Added force lightning. Very early version, basically a “gun” that shoots lightning from your fingers.
  • Tweaked Speeder Bike speed down to help with slow map loads. May still need to be reduced.
  • Added Darth Sidious Robes.
  • Added Starkiller (TFU) Robes.

0.2b – The Tech Update [Details Below] – 1/14/14

Now more than just a vanity armor set – Speeder Bikes and Jetpacks added!

Both pieces of tech are obtained by crafting their chips at the metalwork station and then using them.

Important Note:

Currently the jetpack tech functions basically the same as any other booster tech. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to add the sprites for the jetpack itself (read: you still have to have the Mandalorian jetpack back item for it to look like you are wearing a jetpack).

The next planned update to this mod will likely come after the next (and final) character wipe, and will remove the non-functioning jetpack from the crafting inventory. I’ve run into issues with corrupted character files when removing items from the mod, and want everyone to be aware those are the reasons both still exist – but the goal here is to have this sorted out so there’s no risk of this after the “final wipe.”

My hope is to have it ready to go as soon as the next patch hits (read: done before).

v 0.1.9b – Added Princess Leia Armor Set v1, Scout Trooper Update (1/11/14)

Note: A Fix was applied in version 0.1.8b that hopefully addresses some problems players were experiencing with beta recipes not being unlockable.

v 0.1.8b – Added Revan Armor Set v1 (1/10/14)

v 0.1.7b – Sprite Updates (1/8/14)

  • All new sprites for Stormtrooper Armor
  • New Helmet/Pants Sprites for Scout Trooper
  • New Helmet/Chest/Pants Sprites for Jango Fett
  • New Helmet Sprite for Mandalore the Ultimate

v 0.1.6b – Several Changes (1/6/14)

  • New Sprite for Vader Helmet
  • Updated Sprite for Boba Fett
  • Updated Sprite for Jango Fett
  • Minor Update to Scout Trooper Pants
  • All recipes now must be crafted at the MetalWork Station to remove clutter from the crafting interface

v 0.1.5b – Added Vader Armor Set (1/5/14)

v 0.1.4b – Added Smuggler Clothes, Jedi & Sith Robes, and updated Stormtrooper Sprites (1/4/14)

v 0.1.3b – Added Scout Armor Set, Updated Stormtrooper armor set. (1/2/14)

v 0.1.2b – Added Stormtrooper armor set. (1/1/14)

v 0.1.1b – Added Boushh armor set. (1/1/14)

v 0.1b – Initial Release

Installation Instructions
  1. Remove any existing StarWarsGearMod folders from the mod directory of your Starbound installation.
  2. Copy entire StarWarsGearMod folder to the mod directory of your Starbound installation.
  3. Craft the Star Wars Workbench.
  4. Use Star Wars Workbench for Crafting Items

Requests may be submitted via private message on the Starbound forums or via the contact form at

Requests do not guarantee a character addition, but I hope to be able to add as many as possible over time.

  • Current sprites may change dramatically over time.
  • New character additions will come at whatever pace I can manage to get them added.
  • Current items are vanity items only – crafting requirements may be set further down the road once the Starbound economy has finalized.